About Digimap for colleges

About Digimap for Colleges

Digimap for Colleges provides easy access to a range of up to date Ordnance Survey digital mapping for Great Britain. You can access detailed maps showing building outlines, street level maps, road atlas style maps and maps for outdoor activities.

Complete coverage of GB allows you to create a map of anywhere showing all sorts of different detail. Maps can be enhanced with your own information by adding points, lines, text and images. Any map you create can be saved, printed or you can create an image file to drop into a report or presentation. Map keys are available for each of the OS maps to explain the symbols used within the map. Additional measurement and grid referencing tools are really useful for map enquiry and plotting routes.

Digimap for Colleges can be used to create land use surveys of your local high street. Use the Annotation Tools to add coloured areas to map to represent different types of land use and building type. Plot transport routes to work out the safest and most efficient way to travel to a venue, walk to college, plan sustainable transport networks or create an orienteering route. The range of maps can also be used to help decide where to locate and promote a new business like a decorators, beauty salon or cake shop.

For a short overview and demonstration of Digimap for Colleges, have a look at the introduction video below

For more examples and ideas for using Digimap for Colleges, please take a look at the Resources page.

Digimap for Colleges can only be used for educational purposes. This includes coursework, presentations and research. Click to read the Terms of Use for the mapping in Digimap for Colleges.

Digimap for Colleges is delivered by EDINA and enabled by Ordnance Survey.